Sarah Fraser won the 2012 Saltire First Scottish Book of the Year for her acclaimed debut The Last Highlander (HarperCollins 2012), which in 2016 also became a New York Times ebook bestseller.

A writer and regular contributor to TV and radio, andnewspapers, Sarah has a PhD in obscene Gaelic poetry, and talks at festivals throughout the UK. She lives in the Scottish Highlands.

Her most recent book, The Prince Who would be King (HarperCollins 2017) is the heart breaking story of Mary, Queens of Scots’eldest grandchild – the stellar Henry Stuart, Prince of Wales.

By his untimely death, Henry was a celebrity across Europe. His court attracted some of the most exciting and brilliant men of his day – scientists, inventors, empire builders, soldiers and naval men. He was identified as a future leader of protestant Europe in the fight for the soul of Christendom that loomed over the horizon.

Sarah comes to Kinross to tell the colourful story of Mary Queen of Scots’ legacy to her son, James VI and I, and to her grandson Henry Stuart, Prince of Wales. It includes a passion for Union, a lofty sense of these Stuarts’ divine right as kings, a religious pragmatism in an age of growing intolerance, and a down to earth sense of humour. This is all about the birth of Great Britain. Ahistorical moment of explosive importance for everyone living in these islands, it inaugurated a century of transformation.

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